The Memphis Mirror is a project of the Multimedia News Lab, which is the capstone news journalism class at the University of Memphis. The goal of the project is to hold a mirror to the city of Memphis and reflect the various cultures, religions, identities, abilities and truths the city has to offer. At the Mirror, we rely on various media platforms—like audio, video, maps, photography and infographics—to tell the stories of our city.

The sections for the site include:

Students in the Department of Journalism’s reporting class contribute the Humans of Memphis section of the site. The feature is an assignment completed each semester by students in Pamela Denney’s section of the class.

Contributors to the remainder of the site are students in the News Lab. Each semester, a new crop of contributors will work to find stories that may not receive coverage in other media outlets. If you have a story idea of the class, please contact us using the form below.

Mirror Staff

Spring 2019

Staff writers

Coming soon.

Fall 2017

Staff writers

  • Mohamed Bah
  • Jon Bell
  • Natalie Brewer
  • Jeremiah Graham
  • Dominique Jennes
  • Shauna Jordan
  • Kiemaya Malone
  • Ethan Middleton
  • Anthony Moss
  • Alexandra Pounders
  • Christian Volk

Fall 2016

Staff writers

  • Drew Barrett
  • Tondia Bouie
  • Mishala Bryant
  • Keyera Gates
  • Christen Hall
  • Adam Hogue
  • James Huff
  • Jerrica James
  • Gabe Kuhn
  • Mary Katherine Langley
  • Catrell Maclin
  • Summer Morgan
  • Saundra Nash
  • Sydney Neely
  • Thomas Simpson
  • Lee Watkins
  • Rorekas White
  • Jacob Woloshin

Spring 2016

Michael Robinson, managing editor

Social media team

  • Mia Hairston
  • Amanda Hrach
  • Kristina Vitsenko

Staff writers

  • Hassan Allawi
  • Rebecca Butcher
  • Kalyn Conway
  • Deaisha Dear
  • Gueda Diallo
  • Avery Franklin
  • Brittney Gathen
  • Mia Hairston
  • Sara Harrison
  • Amanda Hrach
  • Lexi Kinder
  • Patrick Lantrip
  • Kaitlyn Mayo
  • Conner McKenzie
  • Taylor Means
  • JT Mullen
  • Chrissy Rodefer
  • Josh Tucker
  • Kristina Vitsenko
  • Gabrielle Washington
  • Omer Yusuf


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