Art of employment: Memphis student turns her art into cash

As the current semester comes to an end, the worry for the next semester will soon follow. From wondering which professors you’ll have, to how easy or hard your classes will be, to how you’re going to pay for the semester at all. Some students can get parental help, or get a job but everything is always that easy.

When it comes to employment, a conventional job at a restaurant, at the mall, or even on campus sometimes isn’t enough for those who have a unique degree track. Some students are taking matters into their own hands by starting up side businesses in lawn care, photography or even art. Junior Kaelyn Knight is a prime example of using her talents to make money on her own. Earlier this year she started a hand lettering business out of her apartment and things have been taking off ever since.

Knight is just one of 24 percent of current university students who are running a business venture of some sort. Even though her start had nothing to do with paying for school, she has still been able to start a lucrative creative business that has turned into more than she imagined less than a year ago.

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