Craft versus domestic Beer: Why Memphians choose flavor over expense

Beer has become a part of the culture in the city of Memphis. Over the last few years the city has seen several local microbrewers open around town. Interest in beer has shifted from the cheap, low quality drink to a higher cost and more refined taste.  The craft beer scene has become a part of the city and now has become a part of the lives of the students in its universities.

Casual Pint is a craft beer bar/store on Highland Row next to the University of Memphis. The Casual Pint gives students and young adults in the area the opportunity to try new and exciting beers.

“When my friends and I were younger, we drank beer for the after affect,” said U of M senior and Casual Pint bartender Ryan Estes. “Now that we are older, we like to drink beer for the taste and experience.”

The city of Memphis has four main microbreweries in its city limits. These four are Ghost River, High Cotton, Wiseacre and Memphis Made. All four can be found at the Casual Pint, Newbys and other bars in the city.

“The big attraction is the flavor,” said Casual Pint bar manager Jim Malone. “It’s not so much about the keg or seeing how much you can  drink but it’s about savoring the beer you have and maybe not even getting the same beer twice.

Shot, edited and produced by: Jacob Woloshin and Drew Barrett

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