Finding felines in Memphis

By Grace Baker

Twenty-two years ago, Elain Harvey was determined to rescue animals from a greenhouse in Germantown.

“They kind of used the animals as a marketing scheme,” Harvey said. “I just asked to volunteer. So I went there every day for a few hours a day.”

Harvey and her volunteer group took the greenhouse owners to court over the way they were treating their animals, and although they did not win the case, it did bring in lots of publicity.

Now, Harvey runs a cat adoption agency in the heart of Cooper Young, and over 10,000 cats have come through her doors.

“House of Mews has been here for years, and that’s kind of how I found out about it,” said customer Teresa Bell. “I adopted a cat from here in 2010, and I moved to Indiana in 2014, so the last two litter mates of that first cat I adopted we’re planning to adopt in the next couple months after we finish building our house.”

Harvey said she has only about 15 volunteers right now.

“We want you to have a certain feeling when you come in the door,” Harvey said. “Most of the volunteers that come in here want to be here in the mornings when the door is locked, just working with the animals.”

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