Memphis Millennials tap into their entrepreneurial spirit

Scovia Wilson meets with two friends to discuss volunteer efforts for an upcoming charity event.

Entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly popular career path. Its popularity is apparent in Memphis as more small businesses pop up, entrepreneur groups and networking events, and even schools cater to teaching start-up culture.


“The Millennial Mind Goes To Work,” a Bentley University survey reported that 66 percent of millennials want to start a business because millennials value independence and work-life balance. However, young entrepreneurs cite survival in a rocky job economy, making use of their tech savvy, and enjoying work and life, as their primary reasons for becoming entrepreneurs.

Traditional media is especially seeing disruption because of entrepreneurship,  globally—looking at you, Facebook and BuzzFeed—as well as locally. University of Memphis journalism students no longer dream of working for the Commercial Appeal for the rest of their lives. They desire to work long enough to gain the skills necessary to begin their own media companies. Some even jump right into entrepreneurship like the ladies behind the “Behind Bluff City” podcast.

Recent graduates of the U of M, Kate Friedel, 27, and Scovia Wilson, 22, started their own podcast to highlight stories of Memphians making a difference in their communities. As they met with Audrey Chaney of Meeman 901 Strategies to plan communication strategies for an upcoming charity event, they discussed their passion for entrepreneurship.

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As an advocate for social justice, education and entrepreneurship, Saundra is passionate about telling stories that highlight people who are striving in the face of adversity. In her free time, you can find her sipping coffee at the newest local coffee shops while working on starting her own branding agency. Saundra graduates from The University of Memphis in December of 2016.

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