Networking may key for struggling Memphis Millennials

Career Coach, Angela Copeland, speaking to a small group of women entrepreneurs on the Lapel Project panel. Copeland gave advice about reinventing yourself to change careers.

The Lapel Project’s Personal Branding Networking event featured women entrepreneurs who have been successful in building a brand on social media and using it to build businesses.

Fall in Memphis brings with it festivals and fairs. Career fairs and networking events happen almost weekly during this time of year.

The Lapel Project hosted a Personal Branding Networking event on to encourage women about building a strong personal brand in a competitive job market. All five panelists were entrepreneurs in the areas of branding and marketing.

All panelists cited their most important factor to their success as networking. They encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers to build and leverage their network.

After college graduation, young people are eager to commence their next phase in life—but nationally and especially in Memphis, recent grads are met with disappointment with the struggle to find employment. Many take jobs they’re overqualified for just to a source of income. Two years after graduating from a prestigious university, Courtney Campbell, 24, has yet to find gainful employment.

One of the panelists, Angela Copeland, career coach at Copland coaching shares some advice for Courtney and other job seekers.

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